IOR/EOR Services

Aamro acts as an IOR/EOR in 50 plus countries empowering customers to import and export effortlessly without having the hassles of establishing a fiscal or legal representation in the countries they intend to trade with.

An Importer of Record (IOR)/Exporter of Record (EOR) is an entity or an individual who is accountable for all entry and exit related documents required by customs, looks into the product classification and payment of duties/taxes and fulfilling any other import or export obligations.

We are bound to provide the below services:

  • Compliance to regulations in the country of Import/Export.
  • Classification and certification of the goods.
  • Custom and local clearances at the time of Import/Export.
  • Relevant document management and retention system for the required duration.
  • Ensuring document accuracy.
  • Payment of Duties, VAT and Taxes .
  • Provision of storage and warehousing services on customer demand.
  • Preparation of COO, COC and Legalization and Attestation of Documents.
  • Impeccable customer services around the clock.
  • Lower risk.
  • Zero cost to establish legal entities in county of import or export.
  • Simplified custom clearance process.
  • Easy and accessible shipment tracking and document control system.