Warehousing and Distribution Services

The one thing that forms a critical part of freight and shipping is warehousing. Aamro is well facilitated with warehousing solutions that are purpose-built. We operate dedicated warehouses in key trade gateways across our global network, employing skilled warehousing teams to manage our service suite.

What’s more, our warehouse storage solutions are compatible with our customers' supply chain requirements giving them the benefits of reduced storage space and cargo handling cost, consequently optimising storage options and streamlining activities.

There is safe and secure storage for everything from retail, service parts and fragile items through to high-risk and hazardous materials, and high-security items. At Aamro, you will see the best and latest technology deployed at our warehouses and a sturdy Warehouse Management System (WMS), and a team that is always alert and agile.

We provide our customers with increased visibility into the supply chain by:

  • Providing real-time data that allows for accurate insight into total inventory available.
  • Managing assets  moving through the supply chain.
  • Automatically issuing replenishment notices to ensure that products are consistently available.

Apart from being up to date with the warehousing facilities, Aamro prides on their indisputable security settings. We have an in-house Warehouse Management System, humidity and temperature control reader, AI enabled CCTV, and secured fencing with facial and biometric access control to monitor and restrict entry into the warehouse.