Aamro concentrates on refurbishing services to elicit a huge ROI on returned consumer service parts and other high-value products.

Aamro’s refurbishment expertise include remanufacturing, software upgrades, cosmetic reconditioning/replacement, testing, recertification, and repackaging. Service criteria are based on functional repair, excluding customer abuse and manufacturers’ defects.

We adhere to strict standards of quality when we put a product to recertification testing, repair, refurbishment, and disposition activities. For failed products, Aamro disassembles the products and uses its components to repair and refurbish other products keeping the cost low and performance high.

In Addition, Refurbishing Can:

  • Speed up your cash cycle as product moves quickly through the electronics repair and re marketing process.
  • Reduce repair costs by fixing only those items for which there is demand and for which there is an ROI.
  • Reduce freight and labor costs as products are tested and repaired in the local return center.