Rush or Same Day Delivery

What’s needed today is needed today; Our teams understand the importance of an urgent delivery and are distinguished for their on-time-performance scoring a phenomenal 100% every time.

We sport 24/7 standby couriers to meet any demand at any time in any region. This precision comes from rigorous training and a strong resolve to ensure that our customers are never stranded.

Our Service Includes:

  • 01 Hour, 02 Hours and 04 Hours Deliveries.
  • Same day scheduled deliveries.
  • GPS system on every vehicle with Geo Fencing which means greater control and efficient on the couriers.
  • 24/7 Operations desk monitors every shipment to ensure elimination of any possible mistakes or delays.
  • Customers experience real-time visibility of all their deliveries through emails or on our website, and the POD is updated as soon as the receiver signs the receipt.