Global Trade Compliance & Customs Clearance

The need to file with governments globally for safety, security, and commercial reasons form an inevitable and mandatory part of international logistics business. Any sort of disorder in assimilating regulatory compliance electronically into international freight logistics operations can result in delay and high cost.

Every country has a set of norms to follow that involve filing, transportation mode, and type (e.g. import, export, in-transit, and customs declarations), and so on. The clearance procedure calls for expert intervention who understand the local requirements and have the ability to get the critical data from not only your organization, but your trading partners.

We offer the following support:

  • Support for import, export and in-transit filings across numerous countries in Gulf, North America, South America, Europe and Asia for air, ocean and truck transportation modes.
  • Customs declaration filing support in selected counties in Gulf,North America, Europe and all other Countries.
  • Advanced capabilities to gather data from multiple parties and integrate it for filing.
  • Centralized data store for all filings and compliance agency responses to enable complete audit and reporting capabilities.

Aamro has in-house certified customs clearance professionals to complete all clearance formalities without leaving anything to chance. Our people are proficient with Harmonized System Code and all local procedures to save you valuable time and exertion.