Cargo Shipping Service

AAMRO is a global logistics and transportation company based in Dubai, UAE. We offer personalised service by road, air and sea. The company is known for its reliable, high-quality and cost-effective shipping service. We handle every shipment with a personal touch. Whether an individual or a business owner, you can benefit from our exceptional cargo service.

Top-Notch Cargo Service for You and Your Business

When it comes to transporting goods, selecting the right cargo service provider is essential. A reliable cargo service will ensure that your goods are transported in the best condition on time at a reasonable cost. Your business’s success depends on the cargo service you choose. AAMRO offers many cargo solutions designed to cater to your diverse needs. Collaborating with all major shipping lines, we offer both LCL and FCL services to and from every major seaport of the world.

Your Cargo Company Across All Modes

AAMRO transcends transportation boundaries across all modes. Whether your cargo demands the speed of air freight, the capacity of sea transport, the flexibility of road logistics, or the efficiency of rail services, we have got you covered. With a global reach that spans continents, our commitment to excellence ensures your cargo arrives on time, intact, and complies with the highest industry standards. Trust us to navigate the complexities of international logistics and deliver unparalleled service across every mode.

Modern, Safe and Trusted Cargo Company

We prioritise the latest technology to ensure your shipments are handled with precision and efficiency. Safety is paramount in our operations, from secure packaging to state-of-the-art tracking systems, guaranteeing the protection of your valuable cargo. As a trusted partner, we bring transparency to every step of the journey, offering reliability and peace of mind. With a commitment to excellence, we redefine the cargo experience by seamlessly blending innovation and safety. Choose us for your cargo's security and ensure a trusted, hassle-free shipping experience.

Services We Cater

We offer comprehensive logistics experience with our diverse range of services. From Land to Ocean, Air, and Warehousing, we cater to your every shipping need, ensuring reliability and efficiency at every step.


Experience excellence in ground transportation with our Land services. Whether it's full Truckload, flatbeds, partial shipments, or expedited delivery, we provide flexible and tailored solutions for seamless road logistics.


We specialize in secure and efficient sea freight, ensuring the smooth movement of your cargo across international waters. Navigate global shipping effortlessly with our Ocean services.


We elevate your shipping experience with our air cargo services. Benefit from swift and secure air freight solutions that guarantee timely and reliable delivery, meeting the demands of your time-sensitive shipments.


With meticulous inventory management and secure storage, we provide a reliable foundation for your supply chain, ensuring your cargo is handled with precision and care.

Get Complete Control of Your Shipment

Take total command over your shipment with AAMRO. Our logistics solutions provide unparalleled visibility, offering real-time tracking and updates, empowering you with complete control. Experience the assurance of precision and reliability as you monitor your cargo's journey from origin to destination. AAMRO places the tools for success in your hands, ensuring transparency and confidence at every stage. Elevate your shipping experience with AAMRO and embrace a new era of control and confidence in the world of logistics.

Why Choose AAMRO As Your Cargo Company?

AAMRO offers an unmatchable shipping experience, providing tailored, budget-friendly, and transparent logistics services that prioritise your cargo's safety and timely delivery. Our exclusive features include:

Personalised Service

Experience a cargo company that understands your unique needs. AAMRO delivers personalized service, tailoring solutions to meet your specific requirements, ensuring a seamless and customer-centric experience throughout the shipping process.

Cost Effective

AAMRO has a wide range of cost-effective logistics solutions. We optimize routes, employ efficient practices, and leverage technology to provide budget-friendly shipping options without compromising on the quality and reliability of our services.

Real-time Tracking

AAMRO provides real-time tracking so you stay informed about your cargo. From origin to destination, monitor your cargo's journey at every step. Our advanced tracking technology ensures transparency, providing you with peace of mind and confidence in the safety and timely arrival of your shipments.

Custom Clearance

Our experienced team navigates regulatory complexities swiftly, ensuring compliance and minimising delays. Trust us to handle the documentation and clearance processes seamlessly, facilitating the smooth movement of your cargo across borders.

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Get unparalleled logistics solutions, combining personalised service. AAMRO offer complete control of your cargo's journey with our advanced technologies and transparent processes. Trust AAMRO for reliability and precision in every shipment. Take the first step towards seamless logistics – book with us now and unlock a world of efficiency, transparency, and confidence. Your cargo deserves the best; choose AAMRO as your trusted partner. Book your shipment with us today and redefine your logistics experience!