Aamro And Its Supply Chain Resilience

Aamro And Its Supply Chain Resilience

Are low-cost or high-cost shipments the only options?

When it comes to unpredicted supply chain events, do you pay a high price and go over your allocated ‘cost to service’ budget, or do you choose to pay less and run the risk of underperforming and jeopardizing your business? A hasty logistics planning, routing or handling decision, when you lack the required information, and are unaware of all options for the right call, frequently leads to selecting the less or more pricey solution. Without reliable information, choosing the middle ground can be a hit or miss situation. And, overspending while continuing to displease the customer, is not an ideal solution.

So how to manage an unpredictable supply chain?

Traditional static supply chain operations are now impacted by e-commerce growth, seasonal spikes, and global trade and supply chain disruptions, rendering them unpredictable and ineffective. In today’s digital world, advanced IT systems can consistently produce reliable, real-time data that gives skilled logisticians the ability to transform data into highly valuable statistics for preventative analytics; a must have for today’s logistics challenges.

IT based analytical tools underpin planning accuracy and expedite decision-making processes. This then protects product value with a faster time-to-market and lower inventory carrying cost. With the right combination of IT systems and skilled operators, a firm has a stronger, more resilient supply chain; one that delivers consistent results, pleases customers, and contributes to a respectable bottom line.

Aamro Freight has over 18 years’ experience operating resilient supply chains and offers high performance supply chain management solutions for a variety of markets, customers, and products. Aamro creates, implements and manages client-specific solutions with tailored IT data integrations, and strict compliance to the client's SOPs. This enables Aamro to carry out predictable mission-critical logistics in some of the more difficult to serve countries in the world.

Aamro clients include leading Fortune 500 high-tech product companies such as Oracle, Cisco, NetApp, HP, Toshiba, and Hitachi Systems. Brand name cargo expeditors like DHL, UPS, FedEx, and Choice Logistics also rely on Aamro’s high performance logistics services and appreciate Aamro's IT systems backed automated order fulfilment procedures that increase distribution speed, accuracy, and efficiency. It's no surprise that Aamro’s customers enjoy on time performance at expected levels of sustainability, regardless of the global origin or destination. What’s even more intriguing is Aamro's logistics performance excellence in Iraq, Nigeria, Ghana, Kazakhstan, Lebanon, Tanzania, Uganda, and 40 other Forward Stocking Locations (FSLSs) across Africa, the Middle East, India, Australia, China and the USA. This is a positive reflection of both the client’s trust Aamro has earned over the years and Aamro’s readiness to take on the more challenging supply chain management tasks.

Wrapping up with today’s supply chain must haves

1. Timely use of predictive analytics -this has never been more important.
2. More carrier options to lessen single provider route dependency.
3. Reduction in the number of touch points, handovers to lessen complexity.
4. Use of 3PLs with proven critical logistics track records and FSLs close to the end customers.
5. Reduced assets and less hand-off tasks to lower costs and avoid sacrificing performance.
6. Faster movement of less inventory in the pipe to cut logistics and inventory carrying costs.
7. More orders routed by air to open flows, lower cost of sales and meet client demands.
8. More reliable quality assurance – the Aamro Control Tower (Act) way

a. Robust in-house IT, real-time visibility, integration, and 24x7x365 order tracking.
b. Tight logistics process management - all steps, interdependencies and flows.
c. Anticipation of, and reacting to, supply chain disruptions; be ‘Just-in-Case’ ready.
d. Outside-in processes to proactively manage both client and real-world challenges.
e. Publishing real-time KPI Dashboards to speed client planning and decision-making.

Aamro’s expected results

Today’s supply chains must be run by the right mix of human expertise, IT data capture and presentation, SOPs and operating partner know-how and skill. Aamro, with proven performance, has what it takes to sustain a leading freight and shipping services position in the Middle East, Africa, India and far-reaching global markets. The company’s capabilities consistently translate into beyond the norm quality and service results for every client. Aamro promises to deliver nothing short of excellence when it comes to building and maintaining a client’s supply chain resilience.

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